Grant Guidelines

The Wellspring Foundation of Southwest Virginia (the “Foundation”), a non-stock 501(c)(3) private foundation, was created from the sale of the Foundation’s minority ownership interest of Johnston Memorial Hospital in 2021. 

The Foundation currently has an 11-member board of directors who are community leaders from the Foundation’s service area of Washington, Grayson, Russell and Smyth counties in Virginia.  Board members serve without compensation. 

The sale of the Foundation’s minority interest created the funds which generate earnings from investment. These earnings provide grant resources to eligible not-for-profit organizations that operate to the benefit of the Virginia counties of Washington, Grayson, Russell and Smyth.

Qualified applicants may apply for grants for new programs, current programs, or establishing or investigating new services.  Grants will not be awarded if the Foundation Grant Application and other requested information described in the guidelines are not provided. 

The Foundation utilizes an online grant management software that is linked on our website. Applicants will be required to create a free account in order to access and complete the Grant Application. All communication regarding the Grant Application will be completed through the grant management software.

Verbal or written letters of request or other inquiries cannot be considered as, or substituted for, a formal Grant Application.  Complete applications must be submitted by the close of business (4:30 p.m.) on either February 15 to be considered for the first grant cycle or July 15 to be considered for the second grant cycle. 


VISION – Leveraging collaborative partnerships to promote a healthy, thriving region.

– To enhance the health and wellbeing for the Virginia residents of Washington, Grayson, Russell and Smyth counties by cultivating goal-oriented partnerships.

A. The Board of Directors of the Foundation will only award grants to those identified by the Internal Revenue Service as not-for-profit organizations or governmental entities. Each must serve to benefit the Virginia counties of Washington, Grayson, Russell or Smyth and support, promote and/or further the Foundation’s vision and mission.
B. Areas of interest include:
  1.  Health
  2.  Children & Families
  3.  Workforce Development
  4.  Education
  5.  Economic Development
C. The Board, in making grant decisions, will place the greatest priority on projects that:
  1.  Receive funding from other sources
  2.  Exhibit collaboration in service delivery with other not-for-profit organizations
  3.  Ensure measurable outcomes and objective data which can be accurately measured
  4.  Provide evidence of feasibility and sustainability of the proposed project
  5.  Do not result in a duplication of services provided by another agency
A. Divisions Within Organizations, Institutions or Government Entities
  1.  Grant requests from different divisions of an organization and/or government entity will be treated as having been submitted by a single entity.
  2.  In general, state and federal governmental entities are ineligible for funding from the Foundation to support routine financial responsibilities, such as capital and operating budgets.
  3.  Proposals for individual schools must be approved by and submitted through the school district’s central administration office. Additionally, the central administration of a school district may apply for division-wide projects that affect multiple schools and other subunits.
B. Ineligible Projects/Programs
  1. To comply with federal guidelines and legal requirements, the Foundation will not issue grants of any kind to or for:

a.  Projects unrelated to the Foundation’s vision and mission

b.  Individuals

c.  For-profit organizations

d.  Purposes that are identified as typical financial budgetary responsibilities

e.  Religious organizations for religious purposes

f.   Fundraisers or other ticketed special events

g.  Political purposes or for lobbying activities

h.  Debt reduction

i.   Corporate sponsorships

j.   Amateur athletic organizations

A. At the present time the Foundation has not set limits on the size of grants. The Foundation does, however, reserve the right to set upper or lower limits on the size of grants in order to promote efficiency in grant administration, provide for financial stability for the Foundation, and to ensure that there are adequate funds to support both current and long-term projects deemed a priority by the Board.
B. Grants will normally be awarded on a semi-annual basis.
C. The Board will consider multiyear grants, subject to meeting annual goals and reporting guidelines.
D. Grant Applications seeking matching funds must provide written documentation from the other contributor(s) or the Board may make the Foundation’s grant contingent on receipt of such matching contribution(s). The documentation may include a letter or resolution from the other contributor(s).
E. The Board reserves the right to request additional documentation.


A. The Foundation will review applications submitted by the grant cycle deadlines listed below. All Grant Applications must be completed online and received by the close of business (4:30 p.m.) on the deadline set forth below. The Grant Application and all requested information must be complete prior to the application due date to be considered in the grant review cycle.
  1. Grant Cycle 1

a. Grant Cycle 1 Application DUE DATE – February 15 at 4:30 p.m.

b. Grant Cycle 1 Notification/Contract Date – June 1

c. Grant Cycle 1 Signed Contract returned and finalized – July 1

d. Grant Cycle 1 Payments Beginning – July 15

  1. Grant Cycle 2

a. Grant Cycle 2 Application DUE DATE – July 15 at 4:30 p.m.

b. Grant Cycle 2 Notification/Contract Date – November 1

c. Grant Cycle 2 Signed Contract returned and finalized – December 1

d. Grant Cycle 2 Payments Beginning – December 15

B. The grant review process includes a thorough review of the merits of each application. Therefore, applications submitted after the close of business on the application deadline will not be eligible for consideration.


A. Once the Foundation receives notification that an online Grant Application has been submitted, the information will be reviewed by the Foundation staff to determine whether the Grant Application Guidelines have been met. If the Grant Application is deemed to be incomplete, the Foundation may request additional information.
B. The Foundation will contact the applicant via email through the grant management software within 10 business days after the grant cycle closes regarding whether the project or program outlined in the application (1) qualifies as an eligible initiative to be considered in the current Grant Review Cycle or (2) does not meet the grant guidelines and is ineligible for further review.
C. If the Grant Application is complete, qualifies as an eligible initiative, meets the guidelines and is received by the Grant Cycle deadline, the application will be considered in the current Grant Review Cycle. If the project or program is eligible, the Foundation may require the applicant to submit additional information. It should be noted that further review by the grant committee does not guarantee approval of any funding.
D. If the Grant Application is incomplete or does not meet the grant guidelines, the application will not be considered in the current Grant Review Cycle.
E. After the Grant Application review process is completed, applicants will be notified electronically by email through the grant management software regarding the final outcome of their request. If the grant is approved, the Foundation will issue an electronic letter on behalf of the Board advising the applicant of the award and of any conditions, restrictions, payment terms and reporting requirements (which may include on-site visits) connected with the grant award.
F. Upon notification of Grant Application approval, the applicant will be required to execute a Grant Agreement (Contract) and will have 30 days from the date of Grant Application approval to return the fully executed Grant Agreement (Contract) or the offer of award will be rescinded.
G. The number of requests, community needs, board priorities, federal and state laws and regulations, and available funds may prohibit the Foundation from fully funding a request. In these cases, it is the expectation of the Foundation that the applicant seek other funding sources to fully complete the defined project, prior to receiving Foundation funds.
A. Each applicant receiving funds from the Foundation will be required to provide periodic financial reports on the use of grant funds and reports on the project’s progress. These documents are required to be uploaded in the grant management software. Additionally, photographs of projects may be required for inclusion in the Foundation’s newsletters, press releases and/or websites.
B. All Grant Awards shall be subject to reporting requirements and disbursement schedules as set forth in the Grant Award Letter. The Foundation reserves the right to withhold later funding if the grantee fails to abide by the requirements as set forth in these Guidelines, the Grant Award Letter or the Grant Agreement.
C. Grant recipients must inform the Foundation immediately if significant events occur that may impact the project. Examples may include, but are not limited to, a change in the project director or in the applicant’s key personnel, the applicant’s priorities, board members, funding sources, project costs or operations. Failure to notify the Foundation of issues that could adversely impact the project may result in a temporary or permanent cessation of payments or possible action to reclaim funds.
A. All advertising done by the grant recipient that mentions the Foundation or uses the Foundation logo must be approved by the Foundation Executive Director or Marketing and Communications designee PRIOR to release/posting.


Please contact the Wellspring Foundation of Southwest Virginia if you have any questions regarding the Grant Application or any information contained in this document.  

Wellspring Foundation of Southwest Virginia

The Foundation reserves the right to amend and/or supplement this document at any time.