Hope Grant Survey


Will the funds be used for any of the ineligible items or areas listed below?

In general, organizations are ineligible for funding from the Foundation to support routine financial responsibilities, such as capital and operating budgets (e.g., payroll expenses, ongoing routine maintenance, etc.). To comply with federal guidelines and legal requirements, the Foundation will not issue grants of any kind to or for:

  1. Projects unrelated to the Foundation’s vision and mission
  2. Purposes that are identified as agency routine operational expenses not related to the requested project
  3. Fundraisers or other ticketed special events
  4. Corporate sponsorships
  5. Amateur athletic organizations
  6. For-profit organizations
  7. Individuals
  8. Religious organizations for religious purposes
  9. Political purposes for lobbying activities
  10. Debt reduction

Proposals for individual schools must be approved by and submitted through the school district’s central administration office. Proposals for individual departments of county or town government must be approved by and submitted through the county or town government office.

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