Impact Grant Survey


Are you willing and have the capability to provide proper project accountability and reporting?

Each applicant receiving funds from the Foundation will be required to provide semi-annual financial reports on the use of grant funds and reports on the project’s progress. These documents are required to be uploaded to the grant management software. Additionally, photographs of projects may be required for inclusion in the Foundation’s newsletters, press releases and/or websites. All grant awards shall be subject to reporting requirements and disbursement schedules as set forth in the Grant Agreement. The Foundation reserves the right to withhold later funding if the grantee fails to abide by the requirements as set forth in these Guidelines or the Grant Agreement. Grant recipients must inform the Foundation immediately if significant events occur that may impact the project. Examples may include, but are not limited to, a change in the project director or in the applicant’s key personnel, the applicant’s priorities, board members, funding sources, project costs or operations. Failure to notify the Foundation of issues that could adversely impact the project may result in a temporary or permanent cessation of payments or possible action to reclaim funds.

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