Wellspring Foundation of Southwest Virginia Begins Accepting Grant Applications

ABINGDON, Va., January 13, 2023 — The Wellspring Foundation of Southwest Virginia is now accepting grant applications from eligible not-for-profit organizations and governmental entities in the Virginia counties of Washington, Grayson, Russell and Smyth.

The Foundation’s grant application areas of interest include health, children and families, workforce development, education and economic development. Qualified applicants may apply for grants for new programs, current programs, or establishing or investigating new services.

Applicants must serve to benefit Washington, Grayson, Russell or Smyth counties and support, promote and/or further the Foundation’s vision and mission.

“We are grateful to begin the process of partnering with organizations throughout our four-county service area by providing much-needed resources that will enable them to enhance the health and wellbeing of residents in their respective communities,” said Bill Hayter, chair of the Wellspring Foundation of Southwest Virginia Board of Directors. “As we move ahead, we look forward to announcing collaborative efforts that will have a lasting, transformative impact on our region.”

Sean McMurray, executive director of the Wellspring Foundation of Southwest Virginia, noted that, like many other rural areas across the nation, the region faces complex challenges.

“Many of these issues are rooted in poverty, poor physical and mental health, addiction, lack of universal access to essential healthcare, population decline and economic challenges,” McMurray said. “No one can tackle these issues alone. That’s why we’re here to help. Our operating model will emphasize convening people and facilitating discussion to address regional issues.”

Applications must be completed online at wellspringva.org/grants/. Completed applications are due by 4:30 p.m. on either Feb. 15 to be considered for the first grant cycle or July 15 to be considered for the second grant cycle. Verbal or written letters of request, or other inquiries, will not be accepted. For more information about the Foundation’s grant guidelines, visit wellspringva.org/grants/grant-guidelines.

The Foundation will not award grants to or for the following: individuals, fundraisers, political purposes or lobbying activities, purposes identified as typical financial budgetary responsibilities, for-profit organizations, debt reduction, corporate sponsorships, amateur athletic organizations, religious organizations for religious purposes, and projects unrelated to the Foundation’s vision and mission.

A non-stock 501(c)(3) private foundation, the Wellspring Foundation of Southwest Virginia was created in late 2021 from the sale of the Foundation’s minority ownership interest of Johnston Memorial Hospital. The sale of the Foundation’s minority interest created the funds which generate earnings from investment.

The Foundation is governed by an 11-member board of directors who are community leaders from the organization’s service area. For more information, visit www.wellspringva.org.

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